Hacking the SleepyLights Robot

I recently bought the SleepyLights Robot by Lumenico for my soon-to-be-here son’s nursery. The robot light is a laser cut, acrylic robot that is illuminated with colored LEDs. You control the robot’s color by using an IR remote that is included. You can change the color to any color that you want, but you have to use the IR remote control.

I want to connect the SleepyLights Robot to the CheerLights project. CheerLights is a global network of colored lights that all stay synchronized with each other. When one light changes to blue, all of the lights turn to blue. Right now, there are over 20,000 lights that have been linked together.

In order to connect my SleepyLights Robot light to CheerLights, I am going to transmit IR codes using a IR LED connected to a Particle Photon. The Photon is a Wi-Fi connected device that you can program to all kinds of things. In this case, I will program the Photon to send the color codes that CheerLights is set to.

Stay tuned for project updates and source code…

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