Twilight Turtle Nightlight and Star Projector

I recently posted about trying to find a star projector that looked realistic. A friend of mine on Facebook recommended the Twilight Turtle from cloud-b. The Twilight Turtle doubles as a plush toy and a nightlight. The plush turtle can be moved around since it is battery-powered. The turtle comes in multiple colors and features a 45 minute sleep timer. cloud-b says that the Twilight Turtle, “transforms nurseries and bedrooms into a starry sanctuary that comforts and calms children.”

Twilight Turtle Nightlight

Thanks for the recommendation!

Has Anyone Tried a Star Projector in the Baby Nursery?

I love stars. I want to share that love in our upcoming baby’s nursery. Has anyone tried a star projector? Do they actually turn your walls and ceiling into a night sky? I am looking at buying the Essential Choice – Constellation Projector and Baby Night Light… They said it is “new and improved” and that makes me wonder what the differences might be. I would like the stars to look somewhat realistic and be in constellation patterns.

Nursery Star Projector

There are many nursery star projectors to select from at and not sure which one is the clear winner. I would pay more to have it look like real stars. Let me know what you think?